Overdentures: An Alternative to Dentures

An Overdenture can be a great denture alternative that helps to eliminate many of the problems that denture wearers experience such as loose, ill fitting dentures that move or fall out when patients are eating or talking. Some of the benefits of overdentures include esthetic appeal, proper jaw alignment, improved speech (when compared to other types of dentures),  and improved ability to chew.

If you lose most or all of your lower teeth there is nothing to hold a denture down while you chew. An overdenture fastens a denture to the jawbone much in the way natural teeth are anchored. A dentist trained in this procedure, will put overdentures over natural teeth or dental implants.  This allows the patient to retain a few natural teeth and helps keep the jaw bone healthy, avoiding bone loss which may occur in the jaw after teeth are removed.

These overdenture systems can last a lifetime, will increase your ability to chew significantly, and ultimately improve your quality of life.

If you are interested in overdentures ask your dentist if this is the best alternative for you.

Holly Cloutier