Perfect white smile

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Professional, in-office teeth whitening with Philips Zoom is simple, safe, and one of the fastest ways to improve the beauty of your smile. The procedure is pain-free and takes less than an hour to complete. Tooth discoloration may be the result of a variety of reasons. We will go over how to maintain healthy enamel and dentin to avoid future problems.  

We recommend a regular teeth cleaning a week prior to the Zoom teeth whitening session. You will be given the option to purchase a Zoom home-use touch-up kit that includes custom-fitted whitening trays. Follow your dentist’s instructions for when and how to use this touch-up kit.

Dr. Zourdos and Dr. Shaib have been using Zoom technology to whiten patients teeth for many years. The convenience of the technology and the results that we have achieved with patients has been consistent and remarkable.